Also this year BariTangoCongress presents the:

II ° BariTangoContest - 2022

Come, show and make your Talent known, a jury of excellence and an international audience will vote for you; and we will reward you, calling you as an artist in the next edition.

The Contest è open to a maximum number of 8 pairs of professional level dancers from any part of the world after selection by the organization. The selected couples will then be judged by a special jury made up of the Masters of Bari Tango Congress that will select 4 finalist couples and to whom I will assign; a score that in the final phase will come; added to the voting by the festival audience.

The Bari Tango Contest will take place in 4 steps:

  1. Preselection (by the organization)
  2. Selection (vote of the masters)
  3. Final (public vote)
  4. Award ceremony (by the reference EPS)

Mode participation and development of the Contest:


Send an email to, communicating Names and Surnames, date and place of birth, residence and telephone number, a short resume attaching photos and 2 videos or links relating to your performance (Tango de Pista, Escenario, Show or Tango Performance) n.b. In evaluating the curriculum, participation in national level shows will be considered as preferential requirements / international and / or significant artistic experiences recognized at national / international level, always in the context of Argentine Tango.

To the email you will have to be attached the file of the theme chosen for the individual performance / show.


  1. The composition of the cast of selectors will be; composed by the invited masters of the Bari Tango Congress.
  2. The cast of Masters will select by voting with points, your preference on 4 couples who will access the final.
  3. The choice will have to; take into account all the Performances, (Track Tango, Choreography / show)
  4. The choice of the masters who make up the jury is not; contestable. Participants accept this condition by signing the conditions. In case a choice or modality; are questioned or criticized, it will have to be contact for registered with the organization, and not directly with the members of the jury or in other forms other than the indicated form.


  1. The 4 finalist couples will dance during the gala evening of the Bari Tango Congress, the election of the winning couple will take place; by direct vote of the participating public to whom it will come; added the grade previously assigned by the teachers in phase 2.
  2. The voting of the final will take place; account of the overall vote, given by the sum of the votes previously expressed by jury with weight of 70% and popular vote with weight of 30%.
  3. All 8 participating couples will dance a wave of greeting to the public during the closing night of the festival.


To the couple who will win the title of "Best Talent of the Bari Tango Contest 2022", the organization will guarante there participation as invited artists, in the cast of the 11th Edition of the Bari Tango Congress 2023 or later in case of the next edition cannot be realized.


  1. Professional couples will be selected for a maximum number of 8, who have reached the age of majority on the date of the Contest.
  2. Where the participants come from plays no role.
  3. All participants must register in advance by email at
  4. Participation will be confirmed by the management of the organization by email, only if the registration fee will be paid in advance and in full.
  5. The number assigned by the organization must be worn on the back of the leader during the Contest only for the round of track tango.
  6. All participants must meet at least one hour before the start of the Contest in the relevant place. Couples who have registered, but who will not be present at check-in, will be excluded from participation in the contest.
  7. All participants must apply to join TangOn A.s.d. and to the sports promotion body of reference of the same, prior registration form that will come; emailed to participants.
  8. All participants must confirm that they are aware of the conditions, and have accepted them.
  9. All registered couples who will access the "Selection phase 2" will dance a theme (not necessarily enscenary tango) a couple and a patrol with all the other couples, consisting of three Tangos from different orchestras.
  10. In special cases (technical problems, accidents, etc.) the recruiters will be able to call the participants to a replica, in order to arrive at a definitive selection.
  11. The organization reserves the right to exclude couples who:
    1. They do not respect the conditions of these Regulations
    2. They behave in an ethically incorrect way, or that through their behavior they damage the good name and image of selectors and the organization of the contest itself, or that cause aversion.
  12. Video and audio recordings, photos and interviews
    1. The organization reserves all rights regarding photos and filming of all types, at all times of the contest, through modalities common or not, including video, television, recordings of any kind, photographs, digitizations, authorized directly or through third parties, in order to advertise and disseminate the event. Registration for the contest includes the express and unappealable right of the organization, received by the participants, to the use of the material taken and recorded, without there being the possibility; of any type of authorization withdrawal request.
    2. This clause also includes photographic material, without exception, which will come; published and/or used for advertising purposes.
    3. All participants agree that there will be video and photographic footage during the event, and that these can be used by the Contest, for advertising purposes for this edition and for the following ones.
  13. All participants are committed to contributing to the good name of the event.
  14. Give up
  15. Refund. Participation may be withdrawn up to 1 month before the first day of the Contest. In this case it will be refunded fifty percent of the amount. In the event that the cancellation occurs after this limit, it will not be; possible to make no compensation.
  16. Final provisions
    1. The organization reserves the right to change the contest regulations.
    2. In case there is a version of the regulation different from this document, the participants will be informed promptly before regularization of the registration.
    3. The regulation will be available, and displayed, during registration and during the contest. By registering and participating, the participants acknowledge and accept the aforementioned rules.
    4. If the next edition for reasons of force majeure and for reasons related to organizational difficulties does not take place, the winning couple of the call will not have; nothing to expect from the organization.
    5. In this case the call will be; postponed to the next edition.
    6. In the event that the winning couple ceases their artistic partnership, they lose the right to convene with the victory of the Contest.


A. Send a request for participation by email to, communicating Names and Surnames, Date and Place of Birth, residence and telephone number, a short curriculum attaching photos and 2 videos or links relating to your performance (Tango de Pista, Escenario , Show or Tango Performance)

B. Confirmation of acceptance by email by the organization and registration of couples in the association register TangOn asd and the reference EPS.


Euro 80.00 per Participant includes:

a. Registration fee

b. Free pass for all evenings of the BariTangoCongress Edition 2022


+ 39 3332762572