Fortuna Del Prete

Fortuna, Neapolitan, in 1985 she approaches Tango through music and dance. Right from the start, the in-depth analysis cultural and linguistic have accompanied the research work on tango and tango. Active in the Tango circuit italian, was introduced to the world of musicalization by Fernando Alfredo Cabrera in 2007. At the same time, the research is being carried out. extended to music and in particular to singing.

"It excites me and impresses me there team of the Milonga, the suspension and the magic that are created. I try to recreate that wonder in people nostalgic that I felt the first time I set foot in a Milonga. The difference is the inclusion, the possibility from bodily dialogue between strangers and the magnificent improvisation that comes out of it"

Dj invited to Milongas and Festivals, encuentros and marathons including Tango Meeting Caserta, Eh Milano Tango Fest, Bologna Tango Festival, Belle Epoque Tango Marathon and others.

Carmen Villafuerte de Anca

He has been musicalizing since 2005, also as resident DJ in several Milongas in Seville and throughout Spain such as the "Milonga La Placita", the "Milonga de Lola", the "Milonga Anual de la Casa del Tango", "Milonga Especial de Primavera de La Casa del Tango ", the" Milonga de Trasnoche del Sábado "and others and in various events and festivals such as the "Festival Internacional de Tango de Sevilla", the "FITA". International Tango Amigo Festival, Càdiz the "Canary Islands Tango Festival", the "Tango Zaragoza Festival", the "Mallorca Tango Festival", the "Bravo Festival" Genoa, the "Festival Internacional de Tango de Maspalomas, in Gran Canarias and others.

Super Sabino Tango Groove Master

He has been playing tango since 1999 after various musical experiences. Special guest at the International Paris Tango Festival for 3 years. Official D.J. at the International Mantova Tango Festival. Special guest at the International Lubjana Tango festival (Slovenia) e at the Lisbon Tango festival (Portugal), Tangocamp, Belgrade Tango Encuentro, Porec Tango Festival.
D.J. Set at the biggest Italian festivals: Torino Tango Festival, Siracusa International Tango festival, Mantova Tango festival, TangoRevolucion at Cesena, Torino Tango Festival, Amarcord Tango at Riccione, World Tango Festival at Fivizzano, Firenze Tango festival, Tangoworld Venezia, RomatangoMeeting, and many others!
Only 100% great dance tango...

Vincenzo Grottoli

He starts musicalizing in 2008. After his debut in Puglia, he has musicalized in many cities in Italy in milongas also with international artists, marathons, encuentri and festivals. You have also musicalized abroad: Festivals in Greece, Encuentro in Kehl in Germany, Encuentro in London, milongas and Encuentros in Brussels, Marathon in Vilnius.
Always with a keen eye on the track, his selections tend to balance and stylistic and orchestral coherence within each tanda.

Doña Tiziana

He started dancing in 2005. He started his career as Tdj with the name of DOÑA TIZIANA from 2012. His repertoire ranges from the 30s to the 50s, with a thrust in the 40s, the most expressive era. Lately she has also become passionate about contemporary orchestras that perform traditional pieces, enhancing them the sound characteristics.
He has developed a sensitivity; in constantly monitoring the dance floor and the mood of the dancers creating a positive emotion, a "good wave", in a relationship of reciprocity; with the tango birds.
He plays music in various milongas and is present in international events.

Paola di Bari Tj

Attentive connoisseur of music in general, since 2000 she is passionate and begins to deepen her own musical knowledge in the vast musical panorama of Argentine Tango. Since then he has been collecting CDs and collecting news about authors, composers, orchestras and tango singers. In recent years he has "musicalized" in various milongas in Bari and in other cities; of Italy and has participated in numerous events and demonstrations outside the region in which famous dancers have performed international and important orchestras: Torino Tango Festival (from 2011 to 2018), Firenze Tango Festival (editions 2010 and 2011), Salento in Tango Festival (2011 and 2012 editions), Bravo Tango Festival (2012 - 2019), La Santa Diabolika (Genoa), Quater Tango Marathon in Naples, TangoOasis (2014-2018) Salonissimo Tango Festival, European Tango Championship and more.
In March 2012 he "musicalized" in the historic Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires, during the Noche de Milonga with Los Rejes del Tango and Sabrina y Ruben Veliz.

Music selection:
Paola prefers classic selections, divided into "tandas y cortinas", without ever a fixed lineup with a continuous alternation of rhythm and melody, always different curtains and some "delicate" forays into sonorit & agrave; more modern ... with an eye always attentive to the track!