They both started out as stage dancers in various tango shows and companies, including the famous "Forever Tango" show. They are one of the most famous tango couples in the world being guests in a lot of major international festivals and events. They have a consolidate experience as choreographers of renowned performances and as teachers they have a clear, immediate and recognizable way of communicating and teaching; they are members of many international juries for competitions worldwide and trainers of a number of contestants in the Tango World Championships.


Yanina Quiñones and Neri Piliù have been dancing together since 2006. Professionally they trained in the Accademia de Estilos de Tango Argentinian (ACETA), with renowned milongueros and masters, including: Carlos Perez and Rosa, Pupi Castello, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gerardo Portalea, Toto Faraldo, Milena Plebs. They took part in and won the Tango Championships in Buenos Aires where they ranked first place both in Tango Salón and Tango Escenario: Pre-World Champions Tango Salón - Escenario in 2006 / 2007, Champions in the Tango Escenario of the Baradero Festival in 2007. In 2008 in the World Championship of Tango Salón, they ranked second place. They have performed in the most important theatres and Milongas all over the world. At the moment they are the artistic directors, choreographers and main dancers of the Tango Rouge Company. They established in Salerno where they set up their own Tango Academy "Corazon Tango al Sur" they regularly teach there as well as in other important cities in the world and in some of the major festivals worldwide.


Alexander is a great guy: an Argentine tango dancer, teacher and chorographer with over 17 years of experience. For 7 years he was the choreographer of Tango Vivo in Colombia. He has been the champion of Tango Salon, Tango Vals and Tango Escenario for 14 times in a row, he got the 3rd place in the Tango Salon and the 6th place in the Tango Escenario at the Argentine Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires. Since then he has been taking part in Festivals, Congresses, meeting of Argentine Tango all over the world.
Martina was only 10 when she approached the discipline of Tango Stage shifting, years later after a long training with great masters and milongueros, into Tango de Pista. This double experience, also integrated with other artistic disciplines at such an early age, transormed her into a young, very versatile dancer. She began her professional career at the age of 18, as an artist of the most prestigious houses of Tango in Buenos Aires, travelling the world teaching and performing in festivals and milongas as well as being part of the cast of great international companies.


Simone Facchini and Gioia Abballe started dancing together Latin American dances at the age of 6. They discovered Argentine tango five years later, at 11, and since then they have kept dancing together as an amazing artistic couple who for more than 20 years has trained professionally, studying with worldwide renowned masters.
They took part in European and World Championships always ranking among the first places: in 2017 they won the World Championships of Tango Escenario in Buenos Aires. They regularly perform in the most prestigious Italian, European and Buenos Aires milongas and are invited as main guests to important International Festivals.


They have been a Tango couple since 2015, when, both very young, they started dancing together. After a long period of training they were recruited by some tango companies to perform in shows and events throughout Italy. They are the winners of the European Tango Championship 2021 but also have placed first in other Tango competitions and championships. With their own Academy "Tango Feroz", they permanently teach in the cities of Ravenna, Forlí and Pesaro and also give lessons in many other locations throughout Italy. They are very often invited to perform and teach in many festivals in Italy and Europe.


Special Guest

Vice World Champions of Tango Escenario - Mundial de Tango 2019


Special Guest

World Champions of Tango Escenario - Mundial de Tango 2022


Winners of the BARI TANGO CONTEST 2022 Edition

Andrea Vighi has been dancing since he was four: in 2008, before approaching ArgentineTango, he used to perform in Latin American dances. Once met Tango, he started studying with grand masters of national and international fame.
Chiara Benati started her dance journey in ballet and Latin American dances; she approached Tango in 2011 and in the same year, after meeting Andrea in summer, they gave birth to a professional tango couple.
Together they took part in numerous national and international competitions, always obtaining very high rank positions, as well as in various live shows in theatres and festivals in Italy.