TangOn is an association that has the artistic direction of:


For many years teaches in Bari and in other Italian cities; organizes workshops and seminars with leading Argentine masters and Dj in many milongas in Bari and other cities of Italy. Participates in quality of musicalizador, in many demonstrations and events outside the region in which perform important and internationally renowned dancers
(Tango Torino Festival, Firenze Tango Festival, Quater Tango Marathon etc.)


After studying Argentine tango with important international artists since 2004 teaches Tango, Milonga and Vals.
Organizes exhibitions, events, milongas, workshops in Bari .
Together with Paola has participated in many events and shows .

Paola and Tommaso dancing tango together since 1999 and teaching since 2005 Since 2007, the organizers of Thursday’s Milonga in Bari hosting by then famous couples and important Ensemble and Orchestra ( these are some of them: Sebastian Arce Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Sebastian Jimenez Maria Ines Bogado, Ricardo Barrios and Laura Melo, Los Hermanos Macana, Jose Halfon and Virginia Cutillo, Marcela Guevara and Stefano Giudice, Patricia Hilliges and Matteo Panero, Ariel Ardit and His Orchestra, Tanghetto , Tango Tinto, Kantango, Tango Sonos, Tanino Duo…and others).

Since 2011 organize the Bari Tango Congress, now in its seventh edition.

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